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Problems, Gaps, & Objective

The Bremerton Bug Museum needed to train volunteers for the upcoming Dragonfly Exhibit.  They training needed to be on their own time and cover 1-3 main dragonfly FAQs.  There is no LMS and learners could gain access to the material through the company's website.  Assessment is done in an informal Q&A with their insect SME.  


  • Content Created with Canva, Storyline 360, and Rise.  

  • Accessible design for multiple learners

  • Fonts:  Nuecha  and Nunita Sans

  • Color Theme:

  • Performance Objective: It has become your sworn duty to learn what you can about dragonflies in order to better educate an population about the life cycle of dragonflies, the physical features of a dragonfly and how they are different from damselflies (you know you’re dying to know too), and where are the best places to find dragonflies in nature. 

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